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Welcome to IPAC Southwestern Ontario! 

Message from the President

Welcome to IPAC Southwestern Ontario (IPAC SWO) and to our chapter website!

My name is Cara-Lee Coghill and I am excited and privileged to represent our chapter as the IPAC SWO President for 2023 and 2024.

IPAC SWO chapter members represent a diverse group of IPAC professionals who work in a variety of fields in health care including hospitals, pre-hospital settings, long-term care and continuing care facilities, community care and health agencies, public health, government and industry.

IPAC SWO offers face-to face meetings, webinars and educational workshops to meet the educational needs of our members. In 2023, we are pleased to announce that we are planning on returning to in-person chapter meetings for our June meeting.  Please continue to visit our website for chapter meeting details!

In addition to our chapter meetings and educational sessions, IPAC SWO is proud to offer:

  • The Betty Bannerman Award of Excellence that recognizes a chapter member who has made outstanding contributions to the practice of Infection Control
  • Scholarship funding for members to attend the Annual IPAC Canada National Conference
  • Support in preparing for Certification in Infection Prevention and Control (CIC)
  • Funding opportunities for IPAC Education, CIC certification and renewal
  • Education sessions and resources at quarterly chapter meetings
  • Opportunities to connect and IPAC professionals regionally and across Canada
  • Opportunities to increase awareness of current Infection Prevention and Control standards and practices
  • Support for your organization/facility for National Infection Control Week

To join IPAC-Canada and IPAC-SWO, visit IPAC-Canada and view this welcome brochure.

I welcome you to contact any member of the executive to find out what IPAC Canada has to offer.

Cara-Lee Coghill

2023-2024 IPAC SWO Chapter President

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Upcoming Event

IPAC SWO Chapter Meeting and Education Session

Join us virtually for the next IPAC SWO Chapter Meeting and Education Sessions on November 23rd, 2023. Stay tuned for further detatils.

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Recording and Presentations from Educational Sessions Available in IPAC SWO Members Area

Did you know that IPAC SWO members have access to recordings of past virtual educational sessions and presentations from in person education sessions under IPAC SWO Education Session Presentation of secure IPAC SWO Members area.  Check it out!

Call for Application Submissions for  IPAC Education and CIC Attainment Funding Opportunity

Applications for the IPAC Education and CIC Attainment funding opportunity is now open. The deadline for application submissions for IPAC Education and CIC funding is December 1, 2023.   For more information about this opportunity please visit the IPAC Education and CIC® Funding Terms and Conditions webpage.

CIC Recertification 

It's that time of the year again. Recertification is now due for those who were certified in 2018. If you are recertifying through the continuing education process and require documentation of education sessions you participated in through IPAC SWO, please contact ipacswochapter@gmail.com

The CBIC website contains excellent information to assist you through the process. You will find the following resources particularly helpful.


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Concern Over Supply of Ebola Vaccine

As the Ebola outbreak in the DRC continues to develop, concerns about vaccine availability have emerged. According to an article published in STAT, if the Ebola outbreak extends to major centers in the DRC, it may put a strain on the current supply of the Ebola vaccine.  See the article for more details.

Ebola Vaccine Availability Concern