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IPAC Canada

IPAC Southwestern Ontario

IPAC Southwestern Ontario (IPAC SWO) 

2017 Chapter Representatives to IPAC Canada Subcommittees

Education: Kim Hobbs & Dori Taylor

Finance: Sonal Shah

Membership: Sonal Shah

Programs and Projects: Ellen Otterbein

Standards and Guidelines:Cara-Lee Coghill


2017 Chapter Representatives to IPAC Canada Interest Groups

Community Health Care: Cheryl Tung

Environmental Hygiene: Elaine Reddick

Healthcare Facility Design and Construction: Kim Hobbs

Long-term Care: Cheryl Tung

Mental Health: Elaine Reddick

Network of Networks: Kim Hobbs

Oncology: Dori Taylor

Paediatric: Jessica Kooger

Prehospital Care: Scott Rutherford

Reprocessing: Lorna Morgan

Surveillance and Epidemiology: Francine Paquette