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IPAC Canada

IPAC Southwestern Ontario

IPAC Southwestern Ontario (IPAC SWO) 

IPAC Canada Committees

IPAC Canada conducts the business of the organization through permanent committees, chaired by various members of the IPAC Canada Board. For more information please visit the Committee and Interest Groups page.  We are fortunate to have representation from members of IPAC-SWO on the following subcommittees.

2017 Chapter Representatives to IPAC Canada Subcommittees

Education: Kim Hobbs & Dori Taylor

Finance: Sonal Shah

Membership: Sonal Shah

Programs and Projects: Ellen Otterbein

Standards and Guidelines:Cara-Lee Coghill

IPAC Canada Interest Groups

Interest groups bring together professionals with a common interest in a specific area of IPAC.  Members in these groups are encouraged to share and learn from one another. For more information visit the IPAC Canada Interest group page

Participants in interest groups must be IPAC Canada Members. For information about joining IPAC Canada, visit the membership information page

2017 Chapter Representatives to IPAC Canada Interest Groups

Community Health Care: Cheryl Tung

Dialysis: Elaine Reddick

Environmental Hygiene: Elaine Reddick

Healthcare Facility Design and Construction: Kim Hobbs

Long-term Care: Cheryl Tung

Mental Health: Elaine Reddick

Network of Networks: Kim Hobbs

Oncology: Dori Taylor

Paediatrics and Neonatal: Elaine Reddick

Prehospital Care & First Responder Group: Scott Rutherford

Reprocessing: Lorna Morgan

Surveillance/Applied Epidemiology: Francine Paquette