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Betty Bannerman Award Winners

2017 Award Winner - Rose Howie

Dear IPAC SWO executive and members,

I am extremely honoured and grateful to receive the IPAC SWO Betty Bannerman Award of Excellence.  I am sorry that, for medical reasons, I was unable to attend the presentation.

Receiving this award is a humbling experience in the context of the great work that occurs within the IPAC SWO chapter by the Infection Control Professionals; and particularly in light of the passion, expertise and dedication to Infection Control by the past recipients of this award and the exceptional contributions to Infection Control by Betty Bannerman.

I would like to share four conditions that were instrumental in my journey as an Infection Control Professional (ICP) and that I believe are critical in this journey:

  1. Enlightenment/ Awareness- I am beholden to those who took the time to introduce the concept of infection prevention and control (IPAC) to me. I was made aware of IPAC during my graduate studies by my adviser, Dr. Michelle Alfa, who helped me link scientific research and IPAC best practice recommendations. 
  2. Opportunity – I am indebted to those who extended opportunities to me to work in Infection Control. After my graduate studies I was inspired to take the IPAC course, which required an IPAC mentor. I called London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) as an unknown entity and the IPAC Educator at the time, Kathy McGhie, kindly took on that role. That led to IPAC leadership taking a leap of faith and offering me a position as an ICP at LHSC. I am exceedingly grateful to them for the resultant opportunities; i.e., the ability to work with an amazing team and leaders and to contribute to Infection Control best practices.
  3. Education- I am appreciative of those who provided professional information and personal insights, clarification and instruction throughout my journey. In this regard, I also want to thank IPAC SWO and IPAC Canada for continuing to educate, inspire and unite ICPs and facilitating a pertinent connection to resources and expertise.
  4. Responsibility- I believe that it is our responsibility as ICPs to enlighten, inspire and educate those around us to encourage an environment and culture of safety based on science and best practice recommendations; to pass it forward and create opportunities for others to craft their unique paths in IPAC; and to build collaborative relationships internally and externally that provide opportunities to share and advance germane IPAC practices and resources.    

We all do good work every day and it’s been said that the reward for doing good work – is the opportunity to do more. I am truly grateful for that opportunity and proud to do so as a member of the IPAC SWO community. I sincerely want to thank the ICPs who kindly nominated me for this award, the IPAC SWO executive for this generous recognition, and 3M for their continuing commitment to support and advance Infection Control standards.

Thank you,

Rose Howie      

2016 Award Winner - Joanne Dow


Joanne graduated with a BScN from the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) in 1973.  Joanne has worked for the past 20 years on the Infectious Diseases Control Team at Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU). In her role, Joanne has specialized in the investigation of bacterial enteric reportable infections. She has extensive experience in the prevention and management of respiratory, gastroenteric and C. difficile outbreaks in long term care, acute care and community settings.  Her contributions in the public health field include not only her work at the MLHU, but also involvement and at the provincial and national level.

Joanne was President of IPAC-South Western Ontario, formerly SOPIC, from 2002 to 2004 and championed a significant increase in IPAC SWO Chapter Membership across all sectors, resulting in Chapter's CHICA-Canada Award of Excellence in 2005.  Her long history of support and involvement with various IPAC SWO and IPAC Canada committees and interest groups continues with her recent appointment as the Regional Representative to the new IPAC Canada Chapter Council. 

Others have described Joanne as passionate about infection prevention and control; an eagle-eyed, dig-for- the-bone, thorough investigator with a talent for assessment and “hunches.” She is a life-long learner. With her expertise and her kind and gentle manner, she is an educator, an advocate for her clients, and a mentor for her colleagues.

2015 Award Winner - Yasmine Chagla                  

Yasmine is recognized as a superior mentor in infection prevention and control.  Her peers have recognized her for her passion and dedication and expertise to IPAC and to patient safety.  Yasmine exudes all qualities of an effective leader through her ability to exemplify care, respect, and collaboration.

Our winner was the lead facilitator in the MRSA suppression protocol at her hospital and was successful in sustaining MRSA suppression in over forty percent of the patient population at the hospital.  Furthermore she guided the hospital in implementing Clostridium difficile best practices with a noted reduction in nosocomial cases by 70 percent.

She tirelessly volunteers as evidenced by her dedication to helping those less fortunate in 2010, 2013 and 2014 using her vacation time to go to Africa to educate and support Infection Control practices.

Due to her selfless drive towards infection control without borders she was the first recipient of the Moira Walker Award by IPAC Canada.