2018-2019 Positions Open for Nomination

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Positions Open for Nomination

2018-2019 IPAC SWO Elections

The following positions on the IPAC SWO executive are open for nominations. Elections will take place during the September 21st in person meeting. With the exception of Knowledge Transfer Co-ordinator/webmaster, each position is for a two-year term commencing November 2018. If you are interested or would like to nominate an individual, please e-mail ipacswochapter@gmail.com attention Francine by September 21, 2018.

Detailed job descriptions can be found in section 14 of IPAC SWOTerms of Reference.

President Elect (2 year term)

The President elect carries out duties as assigned by the President and is a member of the Education Committee. During the term the president elect prepares to assume the office of President.

Secretary (2 year term)

The Secretary keeps minutes of all meetings; distributes correspondence to the executive and members, monitors the Chapter e-mail account, and maintains a current e-mail distribution list.

Education Co-chair (2 year term)

The education co-chairs head the education committee. They determine the educational needs of the chapter, and with the committee they plan and execute the educational component of each meeting.

Treasurer/Membership Director (2 year term)

The Treasurer/Membership Director keeps a full accounting of all finances; prepares the annual budget for the membership, completes annual accounting reports for National, and maintains the current membership list.

Knowledge Transfer Coordinator/Webmaster (1 year term)

The knowledge transfer coordinator maintains the chapter website and liaises with the National IPAC webmaster. This position also shares educational resources with the chapter.